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Members receive information on Society-sponsored lectures, concerts, and related events; plus exclusive discount offers, available only to members through the Society, for selected books, recordings, and concert tickets. The periodical newsletter "Wunderhorn" is mailed to members twice per year. And members only are invited to an annual dinner in honor of Mahler's birthday, held in a Manhattan restaurant, on or around July 7th.

Special premium for new members:  new members will receive, upon payment of membership dues, a FREE 75-minute DVD or CD (your choice) of Henry-Louis de La Grange's lecture (on May 7, 2008) to Society members, in conjunction with the publication of the fourth volume of his monumental Mahler biography.  M. de La Grange discusses the evolution of his life-long fascination with Mahler and his music.  Check either "DVD" or "CD" on the membership form (which may be found in the "Wunderhorn" section of this website).

To become a member: please click on the "Wunderhorn" tab, at top right, of this website, click on Membership Form, print it, and mail the completed form, with your check payable to "The Gustav Mahler Society of New York", to the address on the form.  

In the same section, please see our "Catalogue" of CDs of some of our programs.  These items are now available to non-members as well as members.  To order, print out the sheet and mail it with your check to the address on the form.  Orders will be filled within 10 days after receipt. 

For additional information or for any inquiries, send e-mail to:



P.O. Box 721186, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 


Please note that we have discontinued our phone number, as an unnecessary expense, due to a very low number of calls over the last few years (March 2021).

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