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# Posted: 24 Sep 2009 14:52 - Edited by: admin

Alan Gilbert's first regular concert as Music Director, on Thursday Setember 17, started with the resounding brass opening of Mahler's Third. Conducting this long work, impressively, from memory, Mr. Gilbert's performance was steady and sure, a straightforward account in service to the music - no frills, but superbly executed.

William Zucker
# Posted: 25 Sep 2009 03:25

Paul, it was quite a good performance, such as his reading of the Mahler First late last season did not prepare me for.

I would be curmudgeonly if I mentioned that there were little spots in the interior movements that I could have had differently.

The mezzo in the fourth movement tended to be declamatory rather than lyrical. My perception could have been the result of my sitting all the way up front, next to the orchestra, and hardly ideal when it came to balances.
The choruses in the fifth movement were fine.

The sustained D Major chord at the very end of the work for once was really beautiful; usually I hear a disconcerting wavering of pitch, however slight.

Because of the tonal tension set up at the end of the third movement, I feel that an immediate continuation to the following movement, to provide a resolution, is necessary, and thus I did not like the relatively longer pause taken here. Incidentally, the posthorn by its location was very faint for me, and I had to watch Mr. Gilbert's conducting meticulously during those moments as an aid in following that posthorn line.

All in all, a very fine performance, and I look forward to hearing others just as fine from him in the ensuing season and for seasons to come.

# Posted: 5 Apr 2018 04:07

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