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Paul Stumpf
# Posted: 10 May 2009 16:47

Mahler's shortest, perhaps sunniest, work was given a lovely reading last night by Boulez. Lithe and transparent playing by the smaller than usual orchestra in the first two movements, and the string section shimmered ethereally in the third. Dorothea Roschmann has a somewhat heavier voice than is ideal for the finale, but sang it gracefully. The quiet close was fully audible, but this audience cannot wait more than a second after the music ends before loudly proclaiming its approval.

Ms. Roschmann opened the program with a pleasing selection of six songs from "Das Knaben Wunderhorn".

William Zucker
# Posted: 11 May 2009 04:00

I agree about the audience not being able to wait after that breathtaking conclusion - and you will probably experience the same thing at the end of No. 9 and of Das Lied. Brutal. I would also imagine that the coughing, especially during the latter two movements, might well have become intolerable.

I don't know Dorothea Roschmann, but from your description, I would imgine that the Wunderhorn songs would suit her voice far better than the concluding movement of the symphony. But even in that event, it still was probably not too bad, as in the event her voice was lighter, she might have been drowned out by the orchestra in places.

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